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Special Events

Fabulous Friday Tasting

Italian with Lara Camozzo

Friday, April 26, 2019

We will now request $10.00 for the tasting
$5.00 of which will be rebated on any bottles purchased
Viberti, Chardonnay, Piemonte, 2017
Fattoria, Rose, Toscana, 2017
Viberti, Dolcetto d’Alba, 2016
Viberti, Dolba, 2016
Viberti, Barolo, Buon Padre, 2014
Sette Ponti, Crognolo, Toscana, 2016

Arcadian Wines

Joe Davis winemaker and owner

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thursday 5-7pm

We are absolutely thrilled to
have a very good friend and an iconic
winemaker join us this Thursday
to taste his wines:
Chardonnay, Clos Pepe Vineyard, 2012
Pinot Noir, Clos Pepe Vineyard, 2011
Syrah, Stolpman Vineard, 2008
Azzara, Syrah, Watch Hill Vineyard, 2011