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Crushed Fine Wine

Serving the Charleston, SC area

Crushed Fine Wine carries an inventory selected from small independent producers and importers of great wine. The wines at Crushed Fine Wine are not available in grocery stores or large retail wine outlets in the Charleston, SC region. All wines are competitively priced, and the available selection has something for everyone whether you have modest tastes or qualify as enthusiasts and collectors of wine.

How We Display Our Wines

Find what you know you love, or try something new.

Crushed Fine Wine displays wine in a unique way, creating a wall of wine where all bottles are displayed horizontally (which is technically the proper way to store wine). The wines are sectioned off by style or character, rather than by region or varietal, with over 550 different selections of wine. This allows customers to discover wines which they might not have selected in the past.

Fabulous Friday Tasting

June 21st 5 p.m.–7 p.m.

Pacific Northwest with Jason

We will now request $10.00 for the tasting
$5.00 of which will be rebated on any bottles purchased

Wine Features

Wine Club Launch March 1st

$40 each month for two bottles of wine
exclusively curated for Crushed Fine Wine
and selected by me.
You will not find these wines in any other
retail shop!!
E-Mail me at
to join the club!!


Model 1
Model 2
and Model 2 Plus pack

A chat with Charleston Art Walking

Hear about getting great wines for entertaining in this Charleston Art Walking episode where Des chats with Mariah Sweezey. Check out the second video on YouTube too!

Mailing List

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Wine Club

I'm sure you've heard of wine clubs where you get two bottles of wine sent you a month, at random. What if you hate them? -Oh, well... that's what they sent.

We call our wine club the Not Your Everyday Wine Club. Desmond will pick wines that match your tastes. Be part of a wine club where each month two bottles of wine are hand chosen for you based on your preferences.

Give Desmond a call at (843) 856-1156 for more information or send us an email.

The Wine Shop Owners

Desmond & Betsy Garrity are the founders of Crushed Fine Wine in Shellmore Village–Mt. Pleasant, SC. Sommelier Desmond has over 15 years of experience in the Charleston, SC wine market and brings not only his knowledge but sought after wines, attractively priced.